Skye is limitless

Unlocking new therapeutic pathways for metabolic health

Nasdaq: SKYE

We are a biopharmaceutical company developing next-generation molecules to treat obesity and metabolic diseases.

Our focus is on advancing first-in-class drugs with the potential to provide enhanced health outcomes for diseases with significant prevalence and unmet needs.


The obesity landscape awaits differentiated therapeutic mechanisms to help patients achieve healthier, sustainable weight loss and improve related metabolic conditions

Current anti-obesity therapeutics are spotlighting the need for solutions to achieve persistent weight loss outcomes, improved body composition and better drug tolerability. Peripheral CB1 inhibition, a validated alternative mechanism that is complementary to other weight loss therapeutic mechanisms, directly affects metabolic processes to convert fat into energy and modulate peripheral signaling that influences appetite and satiety. It represents a promising path to potentially broaden achievable therapeutic outcomes to serve the large and heterogeneous obesity market.


We’re working to advance important new drug candidates to help patients with important unmet needs.

Skye Bioscience is committed to applying best practices from drug design through manufacturing, preclinical and clinical development, and regulatory review. Our ambition is to clinically validate promising distinctive drug candidates, with a current emphasis on the CB1 receptor, to address various diseases.


Phase 2: Nimacimab

Within the peripheral CB1 inhibition class of mechanism, Nimacimab is a first-in-class molecule. It is a negative allosteric modulating monoclonal antibody with a positive Phase 1 safety profile. Its unique binding to the CB1 receptor may result in a broader therapeutic window. And it offers the potential for once-a-week to once-a-month drug administration, a positive for patient adherence. Skye expects to start an obesity Phase 2 study in Q3 2024 with data readouts in 2025.